What people say

Homeopathy has worked really well for our daughter and it’s made a marked improvement and it’s been really helpful. It’s reduced significantly. Good 75-80 percent. Better in terms of if you remember she was quite aggressive, very rude, almost cruelty in her, with the cat. Noticeably gentler and kinder with the cat and with me!

Now It’s more what you’d expect with a kid who has her moments.

I want to thank you for working with me during an intense year of pressures and change. When I came to you my biggest issue was grief. My father had recently died which was a huge loss. Prior to this I had been struggling with my adult son who has been suffering from chronic pain for many years. I felt grief about that situation. I felt tired and overwhelmed and teary a lot. I was concerned about what this mental state would do to my physical health. I sensed that I needed something to help effect a change on a deep level.

Another stressful situation that arose during our work together was my husband (who has never been hospitalized) become very sick and was hospitalized on two separate occasions over less than a month.  In total he was very sick for about 3 months.

Since you were giving me constitutional care, helping to strengthen my health, mind and body, I was able to get through this time and feel better on the other side of it.  Also am happy that my husband is now your client and you are helping him rebuild his energy following his illness.

After about a year of seeing you my energy is better, I feel more positive, I was able to bounce back quickly from situations that would require much time for recovery in the past. Before, little things had stressed me more than they do now. I just took a long trip with my family and did all the driving – about 10 hours a day for 2 days. I managed the drive fine. Came home and recovered in a day or two instead of feeling exhausted for almost a week. I have been feeling happier than I have in a long time. The homeopathic remedies you prescribed supported me through a dark and difficult time. Left me feeling in a better place.

I love homeopathy and how simple and powerful it is and I was so glad you were there to do the important work of determining which remedies would help me.  Also appreciated your calm and caring energy.

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