Severe Neck Pain


"I was suffering from severe pain in the neck and shoulders and was told  that I had an inoperable condition.  I would wake up feeling like my  head was as heavy as a bowling ball and it would be excruciatingly  painful to raise it off the pillow.  I was taking large doses of Aleve  and Tylanol for months.  After consulting my daughter, who is a nurse, I  realized I could be doing long-term damage to my health.  I started to  explore alternatives and attended Helen's homeopathy classes and  consulted with her.  The remedy she recommended enabled me to gradually  stop taking the painkillers, and now I do not take any painkillers at  all, and no longer have the pain."

Angela W., Lompoc, California

Aging Process


"It's hard to put my finger on what changed, but I feel accepting of the aging process and no longer so angry about it since taking the homeopathic remedy Helen recommended.  I feel lighter and more positive."

Charlotte A., Bushey, Herts., U.K.