constitutional, dispositional, situational


A safe and effective therapeutic modality that stimulates healing.  Developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800's, homeopathy is widely used throughout the world to address a wide variety of physical, emotional and mental issues ranging from eczema to depression to ASD read more...

How I work

We meet in person or on Skype or Zoom.  What are your concerns, sources of stress, possible triggers?  My homeopathic approach removes obstacles to cure and directs individualized remedies on three levels: 

1) constitutional 2) dispositional

3) situational, as needed

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"Suffering from severe pain in the neck and shoulders and was told  that I had an inoperable condition...."

"Accepting of the aging process and no longer so angry about it..."


Treat your body, mind and soul as an integrated whole with homeopathy.

The consultation fee includes recommended homeopathic remedies when in stock and you are nearby.  Otherwise you will receive information about purchasing from a homeopathic pharmacy like


Q:  How safe is homeopathy?

A:  There are no side effects from  homeopathy, it is completely safe for anyone including the elderly, pregnant and nursing mothers, children, and animals.