Prices and Booking

First Consultation

I charge the same for everyone’s first full-length consultation, regardless of who they are, adult or child, as it takes me the same length of time both during the consultation itself and afterwards when I am analyzing to determine the best course of treatment going forward. This charge is: £175 or $208

Follow-up Consultation

Follow-up consultations are shorter, usually between 45 and 60 minutes. The charge is £108 or $130 for one person

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I will send you an Informed Consent form to sign that explains what you can expect and the nature of our professional relationship and my practice. If you are happy with the terms, you sign and return the Informed Consent before our first full-length consultation.

The first full-length consultation is your opportunity to share everything you deem to be relevant to the condition that brings you to see me. This could include recent events and changes in your life, other conditions from which you suffer, and long-standing complaints and issues. Recent or long-standing family and relationship issues, ancestral issues that you sense but don’t have much conscious knowledge of, can all be relevant and impact on your health and happiness. I will ask you some questions too, but mainly I will listen.

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