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Your Health

Your best possible health is inside you

Forgotten, hidden, or blocked

Your best possible health is here now

When did you last feel it?

Let’s reconnect you with your best possible health

My speciality is soma / psyche integration: connecting the physical with the emotional and clearing complaints on a deep level so they don’t need to re-occur.


We start where you are now because it’s a very good place to start.


We use homeopathy to address the complaint that brings you here.


We employ the tools of homeopathy informed by somatic depth psychology.


The root cause of many complaints, whether they be emotional or physical, is hidden deep within the body and or the ancestry.

A homeopathic case-taking session gets into the details of the current complaint and what may have caused it, when and how it began. It also connects the current complaint with the rest of your life and even that of your parents, grandparents and ancestors. This initiates a powerful process of integration and healing. Homeopathic remedies are recommended, as are somatic depth psychological tools like dream tending, breathing, nature immersion and creative writing. All may be employed to facilitate the process of integration and healing.

Client Testimonials:

Since you were giving me constitutional care, helping to strengthen my health, mind and body, I was able to get through this time and feel better on the other side of it.  Also am happy that my husband is now your client and you are helping him rebuild his energy following his illness.

I love homeopathy and how simple and powerful it is and I was so glad you were there to do the important work of determining which remedies would help me.  Also appreciated your calm and caring energy.

Another stressful situation that arose during our work together was my husband (who has never been hospitalized) become very sick and was hospitalized on two separate occasions over less than a month.  In total he was very sick for about 3 months.

Your best possible health is achievable

Let's work on it together...